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The Sample Browser has a View menu which allows for different types of sample attributes to be displayed. For example, the ‘Ages’ view shows only attributes related to sample ages (independent age, published age, etc). Several different types of views are supplied with ACE, but the View Editor allows users to modify these or create new ones:

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When selected, the View Editor panel shows the different views (left hand panel), the attributes currently contained in a selected view (middle panel) and attributes currently excluded (right hand panel).  The attributes for a particular view can be changed by using the Add to View or Remove Attribute buttons.  New views can be created or existing views deleted using the Add View and Delete View buttons at the bottom of the View Editor window:

Add View : Creates a new collection of sample attributes (a ‘view’) which is accessible in the sample browser

Delete View : Removes the selected view

All views are changeable (except the ‘All’ view) so that when a view is selected the Add to View button will take a selected attribute from the list of available attributes and add it to the selected view (from the right panel to the middle panel).  The Remove Attribute button will take the selected attribute and remove it from the selected view (from the middle panel to the right panel). To be available in the list of available attributes, new attributes must be added using the Attribute Editor.

The example shown above is for a modified ‘Age’ view, where the only displayed variables are calculated and published ages.  This view allows for a side-by-side comparison of published and ACE calculated sample ages:

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The View Editor allows for a less cluttered sample browser, and provides an easy way to compare related variables of interest. For code development purposes it also allows for new variables to be shown and viewed alongside existing variables in a relatively simple manner.

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