Nuclide Editor

The Nuclide Editor allows users to vary the attributes associated with nuclides.

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When a new attribute is introduced into ACE using the Attribute Editor it can be associated with a particular nuclide using this editor. New nuclides can also be added using the Add Nuclide button:

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or existing nuclides deleted using the Delete Nuclide button, but only if they are not already in use.

The Nuclide Editor lists all available attributes from the Attribute Editor, and allows for attributes to be added as optional (Add to Optional) or mandatory (Add to Required).  Required attributes must be contained as columns in input csv files for the file to be imported, with the attribute name given as the column header in the first row.

To work with nuclides not included by default in ACE, several parts of the code also need to be updated to implement changes such as decay time and default muon production rates.  Users who are interested in adding new nuclides but are reluctant to modify the code are encouraged to email us to implement their additions.  A future version of ACE will make these changes accessible through the graphical user interface, but at this time we require user feedback on exactly which changes should be configurable.

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