26Al Data

26Al Template The 26Al Template shows the minimum information required by ACE to import 26Al samples, and lists a single sample (SI47) for example purposes. Using Excel or Openoffice you can add rows to this file using units given here. Additional sample attributes (for example erosion, or tectonic uplift rate) can also be added for each sample as additional columns.  Optional sample attributes are listed here, to use them you must add the variable name in the header exactly as listed. When ready to import into ACE, save as a Windows CSV file.

ACE Calibration Data. For easy access the calibration dataset which is used by default for 26Al is given here:

The dataset is from Balco, G. and Stone, J., 2006, ‘A simple, internally consistent, and easily accessible means of calculating surface exposure ages or erosion rates from Be-10 and Al-26 measurements’. We use it here to try to ensure compatibility between the CRONUS-EARTH online calculators and ACE. For original sample authorship please refer to their publication (link).

Bierman et al., 1999, See ‘Multiple Nuclide Data’ Section

Kaplan et al., 2007, See ‘Multiple Nuclide Data’ Section

Miller et al., 2006, See ‘Multiple Nuclide Data’ Section

Roberts et al., 2008, See ‘Multiple Nuclide Data’ Section

If you would like to see your (or other, published) data listed here please email us.

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