36Cl Data

36Cl Template The 36Cl Template shows the minimum information required by ACE to import 36Cl samples, and lists a single sample (MK03-5-Mo) for example purposes. Using Excel or Openoffice you can add rows to this file using units given here. Additional sample attributes (for example erosion, or tectonic uplift rate) can also be added for each sample as additional columns.  Optional sample attributes are listed here, to use them you must add the variable name in the header exactly as listed. When ready to import into ACE, save as a Windows CSV file.

ACE Calibration Data. For easy access the calibration dataset which is used by default for 36Cl is given here:

The dataset originates from Phillips et al., 1996,’A Reevaluation of Terrestrial Rocks Cosmogenic 36Cl Production Rates in Terrestrial Rocks’, Geophysical Research Letters (link), but has been updated since. A version of this calibration dataset with NCEP atmospheric variables is also available here. It allows the sensitivity of calibration data to atmospheric scalings to be examined.

CRONUS Tabernacle Hill Data. More information is available at this link.

Dunbar., 1999, ‘Cosmogenic 36Cl-determined age of the Carrizozo lava flows, south-central New Mexico’, New Mexico Geology (link).

Licciardi et al., 2008, ‘Cosmogenic 36Cl production rates from Ca spallation in Iceland’, Earth and Planetary Science Letters (link).

Another version of this dataset (not included with ACE) specifies standard atmospheric parameters and local mean sea level pressure for the samples. These are a mean sea level pressure of 1005.8 mb, a mean sea level temperature of 15 °C, and a mean lapse rate of 6.5 °C / km. To download this calibration data set click on the following: Licciardi et al 2008 Calibration Dataset using Standard Atmosphere

Phillips et al., 1997, See ‘Multiple Nuclide Data’ Section

Pigati et al., 2008, ‘Ages and causes of Late Pleistocene glaciations on Mauna Kea, Hawai’i’, Journal of Quaternary Science (link).

Sarikaya et al, 2008, ‘Cold and wet Last Glacial Maximum on Mount Sandıras, SW Turkey, inferred from cosmogenic dating and glacier modeling ‘, Quaternary Science Reviews (link).

Shanahan and Zreda, 2000, ‘Chronology of  Quaternary glaciations in East Africa’, Earth and Planetary Science Letters (link).

Swanson and Caffee, 2001, ‘Determination of 36Cl Production Rates Derived from the Well-Dated Determination of 36Cl Production Rates Derived from the Well-Dated Deglaciation Surfaces of Whidbey and Fidalgo Islands, Washington’, Quaternary Research (link).

Contents from Table 3A, B, and C.  Table 3D is not listed here, as these samples were not included in the original Swanson and Caffee calibration.

If you would like to see your (or other, published) data listed here please email us.

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