Multiple Nuclide Datasets

For multiple nuclide analysis, we recommend designing experiments which are identical apart from nuclide type, processing them separately, and then using the results in our multiple nuclide analysis utility. Literature containing multiple nuclide data are listed in alphabetical order below.

Bierman et al., 1999, ‘Mid-Pleistocene cosmogenic minimum-age limits for pre-Wisconsinan glacial surfaces in southwestern Minnesota and southern Baffin Island: a multiple nuclide approach’, Geomorphology (link)

Cerling et al., 1994, ‘Cosmogenic 3He and 21Ne age of the Big Lost River flood, Snake River plain, Idaho’, Geology (link)

Graf et al., 2007, ‘First results of cosmogenic dated pre-Last Glaciation erratics from the Montoz area, Jura Mountains, Switzerland’ Quaternary International (link)

Kaplan et al., 2007, ‘Cosmogenic nuclide measurements in southernmost South America and implications for landscape change’, Geomorphology (link)

Miller et al., 2006, ‘Limited ice-sheet erosion and complex exposure histories derived from in situ cosmogenic 10Be, 26Al and 14C on Baffin Island, Arctic Canada’, Quaternary Geology (link)

Phillips et al., 1997, ‘Cosmogenic 36Cl and 10Be ages of Quaternary glacial and fluvial deposits of the Wind River Range, Wyoming’, Geological Society of America Bulletin (link)

Roberts et al., 2008, ‘The deglacial history of the southeast sector of the Greenland Ice Sheet during the Last Glacial Maximum’, Quaternary Science Reviews (link)

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